How the Greek red lines collapsed in record time

Ω Prof. Giorgos Margaritis
How the Greek red lines collapsed in record time, Giorgos Margaritis

A few months ago - not many - the red lines that the Greek side placed in front of Turkish aggression, were in the zone where the potential EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) of Greece would meet the registered counterpart of Cyprus.

Today, after successive "revisions" and cancellations of the "red lines", the latter have been placed six miles in front of Kastellorizo and perhaps also six miles outside the northernmost coast of Rhodes, which could not "fit" within the border of the 28th meridian. The time it took for this dramatic reversal of Greek positions was minimal, compared to the usual times of diplomacy and politics. Usually, such violent adjustments, waivers of sovereign rights, to put it another way, are consistent with violent situations: wars. Here we are in front of something historically unusual.

Greece in practice, not in words, exercised its sovereign rights in the Eastern Mediterranean "peacefully" and "meekly". Without opposing any kind of violent reaction against the trespasser, but also without exhausting the diplomatic and political arsenal at its disposal. Even today this tactic is persistently applied.

After the Turkish NAVTEX, after the entry of the Turkish research ship and the fleet that accompanies it, in the waters adjacent to the complex of Megisti and Rhodes, the Prime Minister of Greece hastened to reassure both the Greeks and - above all - the famous allies. and partners, practicing pun-level expressions.

"For the time being," he said, Turkey has chosen the path of "consequences" (the word "sanctions" was "exorcised" from mention in Brussels), which will be considered by Europeans, not Greeks, in December. The whole verbal scheme was more than even what Chancellor Merkel would like it to be.

Media and red lines

Informed Greek newspapers, channels and other docile media "rushed" to refine the prime minister's speech on the "more patriotic", placing the "red lines" at six nautical miles, leaving to the Greek determination a margin of about 900 meters from the border of of Oruc Reis research! Otherwise, the proverbial Greek composure prevailed, as usually happens throughout this period of the Turkish invasion.

What is happening could be a bad dream. A few months ago, no one would have imagined that such a thing could happen. This is no longer a debate about the influence and sovereignty of the islands. This is their complete annulment as parts of the Greek territory that produce sovereignty, but also sovereign rights.

The question that arises is reasonable. Since in this way the island complex of Megisti is annulled, why would not the same thing happen with every island of the Greek territory, every island small or big? If you are waiting for an answer from the PM's office or from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you have lost. Anyone can safely bet that there will be no such answer.

The speed with which events are unfolding, the unnatural composure of the Greek government, the rash reactions of partners and allies, the provocative indifference of the European Union or NATO institutions (key issues to be discussed are Belarus, Novalny, Mozambique!) while separate indications create reasonable suspicions.

A game is afoot

Is the game rigged? Did the Greek government accept the restriction of the Greek sovereign rights and claims east of the 28th meridian at the time when the agreement for a partial EEZ with Egypt was signed with American intervention and directives? Are all these things concerning talks, contacts, pressures, mediations just stage props to prepare the public announcement for what has already been decided and agreed upon?

The citizens can not give an answer, but more than ever before the Prime Minister has to speak to the public, to explain where we are, to explain the (non) reactions, and the government policy. We assume that no one within the government and the ruling New Democracy party believes that national retreats of this magnitude can remain in the dark for long. And we assume that in such a case, their disclosure will probably not be dealt with in "communicative" ways.

Have they considered their responsibility? Have they measured the cost? As for themselves, their fate, political or otherwise, is coldly indifferent to us. However, no one can play with the dice the fate of the country, no one can sacrifice it on the altar of his own political mediocrity and non-existence. Let them finally speak and tell the citizens where they're heading.

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