Mobster state strikes again – Unarrested Solomou murderers

Ω Dr Kostas Venizelos
Mobster state strikes again - Unarrested Solomou murderers , Kostas Venizelos

The neo-sultan has no reservations to be photographed with a murderer, an internationally wanted man. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, last Sunday in the enclosed area of ​​occupied Famagusta, at the site of the infamous picnic, was photographed with the killer of Solomos Solomou, the settler, known as Kenan Akinter, who is wanted by Interpol.

Those who approached the picnic kiosk were specific, and very few had access to the tables where Erdogan, his entourage, and the leadership of the occupation regime sat for lunch. Kenan Akin, therefore, was among the few and privileged, as he bears the Turkish medal of the murderer. He approached the Erdogan's table, who had next to him the so-called PM of the occupied territories, Ersin Tatar, and asked for a souvenir photo. And Erdogan had no reason not to accept. He knew, after all, about Akin's action. And this is not the first time he has approached Erdogan. He did so on previous trips by the Turkish President to occupied Cyprus.

So Erdogan knows him. He knows that on August 14, 1996, he shot Solomos Solomou, who climbed up a flagpole to bring down the flag of occupier Turkey. Akin was at an occupation army outpost a few meters away and it appears from photos that he had come out on the balcony and from there shot Solomou with a pistol.

It was three days after the "Gray Wolves" had killed Tassos Isaac with stones and clubs. Akin pleaded guilty in October 2004, claiming he had orders from the then commander of the occupying forces, Khalil Sandrazam. Sandrazam denied that he had given the order. Kenan Akin, an unrepentant murderer, had stated that he would shoot Solomou all over again.

These are the people of the occupation regime (he also served as the "minister" of the pseudo-state) but also of Ankara, which protects him from possible arrest. After all, the murderer Akin travels only to Turkey and remains permanently in the occupied territories. For the record, the Cypriot Police, based on visual material (television and photographs), managed to identify the perpetrators of Solomou's murder and issued an international arrest warrant for them:

• Kenan Akin, Minister of Agriculture of the pseudo-state.
• Erdal Hatziali Emanet, head of special forces in the occupied territories.
• Attila Sav, Chief of Police of the Occupied Territories.
• Hassan Kundaxi, lieutenant general of the occupying forces.
• Mehmet Carli, brigadier general of the occupying forces.

None of these warrants have been executed.

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