Stavros Lygeros: Who “killed” the military alliance with France

Who killed the military alliance with France, Stavros Lygeros
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During the summer Athens was abuzz with the news that France was willing to give guarantees for the security of Greece. These guarantees would take the form of an agrement for defence assistance. The signing of such an agreement was linked to, indirectly, but distinctly, with the purchase by Greece of the [email protected] figates.

The Mitsotaakis government had not, at that time, commented on the information.which was being leaked, even from the French side. This had created the impression that we were in the process of negotiation and there would soon be a result.

Time passed, however, and in a magical way the French frigates were taken off the table and were replaced by American frigates, which in fact do not have an anti-aircraft area defense capability, and which all independent pundits consider as a prcondition, so that these warships can be operationally effective in the eastern Mediterranean. Anti-aircraft area defense must be a specification for the warships that will be procured by the Hellenic Navy.

Such a specification would not just “frame” the French [email protected] frigates. US made ships could also provide the same for this requirement.

The issue, however, is not unilateraly operational. If, indeed, the French are offering guarantees for Greek security through an agreement for defense assistance in the event of a Greek-Turkish confrontation, this would have to be taken account, and in fact in a decisively way.

A credible and binding defeense agreement with Frnce woul act, in actuality, as a deterrent wall against a possible military audacity by Erdogan. Not only would it give Greece time, but it would also open up space and offer possibilities so that it could defende its sovereign rights.

But what does this mean? It means that the Oruc Reis would not be able to carry out research in the possible Greek EEZ, as it has been doing for some time south of Kastellorizo and south of Rhodes. And even more Erdogan would think ten times and would not decide to send a drilling rig just off Greek territorial waters in those areas, as he has already announced.

At this point, it is necessary to note that the US refuses to give Greece gurantees for its national security. And this despite that the military agreement signed autumn, Greece gave the US all military facilitations it wanted without asking for anything in return. These are the facts.

It is not possible that such a crucial matter should pass uncommented. The government, the opposition, and the systemic media are systematically keeping silent on the issue. This cannot continue. Clear words are necessary on the part of the government and this must be demanded, not just by people like us, but also by opposition party officials if they don’t want to be considered accomplices

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