International support for Greece, readiness for war, and pipe dreams

International support for Greece, readiness for war, and pipe dreams
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Since 1989, when the Cold War ended, Greece has pursued a persistent, constant, and irrational strategy of appeasement not only against the much larger Turkey, but also toward smaller and militarily non-existent states, such as North Macedonia. On the Greek political scene and more broadly in its public sphere, there have traditionally been people who embodied appeasement, and even ethno-nihilist ideas.

At a time when the world was changing radically, Greece was trapped in a morbid introversion, missing out on historic opportunities. Since then, 30 years have passed. Today, Greeks feel exhausted. The things they considered constants in their lives have more or less overturned. Poverty and destitution are on the rise. National sovereignty has been mutilated by lenders.

To all this, in addition to the pandemic, a dimension of national humiliation has been added. Nevertheless, despite the fact that political leaders insist on the doctrine of a “small and honest Greece”, desperately waiting for Europeans and Americans to protect it, or at least secure it a place under the sun, the Greek people remain alive.

Rightists, centrists and leftists are now anxiously seeking a “Churchill” to replace the various “Chamberlains”. They demand leadership not only on the political scene, but at all levels of public life. Leaders who will rise to the occasion and speak again about the right to national dignity. For the right of the nation to stand up.

Greece has international support

Yiğit Bulut, Erdogan’s adviser, may describe Greece as a “fly” in terms of military power and Turkey as a “giant”, but the Greeks are the most suitable people to respond, if we’re talking talking David vs Goliath. They are entitled to it based on their history.

Greece today has international support. Due to the problem they have with Turkey, the United States has begun to look at the role of Greece with a different eye. In Europe, France’s role is being upgraded, which is likely to have a positive effect on Greece. Macron, moreover, has made no secret of his opposition to the Erdogan regime. Libya is very close to France …

Triangular relations with the Republic of Cyprus, Israel, Egypt and Jordan offer additional opportunities to regain clout in the crucial Eastern Mediterranean, despite the fact that things are not always easy, as evidenced by the obstacles raised by Cairo in its efforts to delimit its EEZ with Greece.

The international climate and existing cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean, however, is nothing more than potential. In order for it to bear fruit, the Greeks themselves must prove in practice their own determination to defend their national interests. In the past, it was said more simply: Only if you are prepared for war and determined to fight can you defend your territorial integrity and sovereign rights, essentially your freedom and independence. Everything else is pipe dreams…

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