Giorgos Lykokapis: Macron targets the Gray Wolves – The “packs” of the organization in France and Austria

The Austrian Chancellor had spoken of the "instrumentalization" of Turkish immigrants by Ankara. Vienna claims that this is done through the complex networks of the Gray Wolves
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Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz, whose country is being hit by Monday’s horrific terrorist attack had spoken of “conflicts imported from Turkey,” last July. From the first moment, the multiple organized blows and the fact that one of the perpetrators, who was wearing a vest with explosives, blew himself up, showed that a coordinated attack by Islamists struck Vienna. ISIS also claimed responsibility.

Europe is facing a new round of Islamic terrorism, as it was preceded by the bloody attacks of fanatical Islamists in Nice. Given the out-of-bounds Macron-Erdogan conflict over Charlie Hedbo’s sketches, the Austrian Chancellor’s statement becomes highly topical. Kurtz then referred to the violent protest organized by Turkish immigrants in Austria, members of the Gray Wolves, against a gathering of Kurdish immigrants, sympathizers of the PKK. Turkish nationalists had tried to violently disperse the Kurdish gathering and eventually clashed with Austrian police officers.

The Austrian Chancellor had spoken of the “instrumentalization” of Turkish immigrants by Ankara. Vienna claims that this is done through the complex networks of the Gray Wolves in Europe and through the mosques that are funded by Turkish institutions, connected to the Erdogan regime. We had seen this instrumentalization in the “hybrid siege” of Evros, as members of the far-right organization and the Turkish secret services coordinated the raids of immigrants on the Greek-Turkish border.

The Gray Wolves want a pogrom

Without linking the attacks in Vienna to the Austria-Turkey confrontation, we must point out the political timing that these took place. They took place at a time when we have Macron’s “two-sided struggle” with radical political Islam and Erdogan’s “patronage”, which Austria had in fact started this “two-sided struggle” as early as 2018. At that time, the Austrian authorities had closed seven mosques. and had deported 60 imams associated with Turkey.

In March 2019, they banned the infamous greeting/ hand gesture of the Gray Wolves, with the Turkish Foreign Minister provocatively declaring that when he visits Austria “he will be the first to use this greeting”! Now Macron’s struggle is becoming “three-sided” as, a few hours before the attack in Vienna, the intention of the French government, not just to ban their greeting, but the far-right Turkish organization itself, became known.

The demonstration was preceded, the previous days, by Turkish immigrants, supporters of the Gray Wolves, marching in the Armenian neighborhoods in Lyon, under the slogan “we will kill the Armenians”. Clashes between Turkish nationalists and Armenians were reported, in which crowbars and knives were used, while members of the Gray Wolves desecrated the Armenian Genocide monuments in Dessen with nationalist slogans. One of these slogans was “RTE”, which is the initials of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Gray Wolves, a “terrifying imitation of Hitlerite youth” according to diplomat David Hoffman, appear willing to carry the Turkey-Kurdish and Turkey-Armenia confrontation within European states. In the same way that the Turkish neighborhoods were bloodied in the 70’s, with a series of horrible attacks against leftists, Kurds, Alevis, and even the Prime Minister of “Operation Attila” (the 1974 invasion of Cyprus), Bulent Ecevit!

Pillars of Erdogan

The political wing of the Gray Wolves, the Nationalist Action Party led by “old man” Devlet Bahceli, is the one that literally keeps Erdogan in power. Their governmental cooperation with the Justice and Development Party was what allowed Erdogan to form a government, while they also supported the constitutional changes that gave him “sultan-like” supremacy.

The rewards of this cooperation are not limited to “favors”, such as the early release of the “godfather” of organized crime Alatin Cakinci, who was the chief executor of the Gray Wolves and a personal friend of Bahceli. It also reflects the Erdogan regime’s shift to a mixture of neo-Ottomanism and pan-Turkism, alluding to the German “living space” theory.

The Gray Wolves, who in the mid-2000s called Turkish voters “idiots ransomed by Erdogan for a few bucks”, were the ones who contributed to the regime’s current agenda, as a member of its political wing said in a statement. interview in the Greek press, in November 2016: “President Erdogan now promises to adhere to the” national line “, on the Cyprus issue, on the Greek-Turkish issue, on the issue of the pseudo-Armenian Genocide, on the crises in Syria and Iraq”.

The far-right organization seeks to impose this “nationalist line” even within European states, threatening with pogroms and acts of violence. As for the Turkish president, having opened fronts with all his old allies, from the Kurds, the Gulen network, to the party’s own officials, he has no choice but to continue his dangerous “dance” with the Gray Wolves. , in order to remain in power.

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