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Quo Vadis Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Theodors Stathis

The West is currently moving along in the company of a psychologically challenged (according to psychologists) Erdogan, and, obviously, will, out of necessity, continue to travel along with Turkey in the future. Turkey, as a large market with an important geographical position, has been for many years an important ally of the West, within NATO and, for a while, had the semblance of a future partner within the EU. The West continues to attach this value to it.

It is therefore reasonable to conclude that no idea will be created in the West conveying an image of turning a blind eye to what it cannot change. On the other hand, it is obvious that the great plans of the rulers in Turkey for the re-establishment of the Ottoman Empire are already creating a serious concern in the West. This is because these plans, objectively, distance Turkey from Europe even more than the purchase of the S-400 missile system. And the Sultan does not even attempt to hide this, in any manner. He has done what he has foretold, so far. After all, as an old proverb says: truth is spoken from the lips of children and crazy men.

Turkey, radiating the image of the protector of Islam, has already spread its influence in Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, most recently in Libya and other countries in the Balkans and elsewhere, and is preparing to consolidate its role of a major power, bolsterd by its defense industry.

This development is a strong incentive for Turkey to do whatever it wants. All the while the West, in my opinion, based on its tactics, seems ready to hand over its weapons and allow Turkey to undermine the alliance, when in fact half of Turkey’s population hates Erdogan for the fascist regime he has imposed on the country. This should be a disgrace to the Western world, where governments should find it difficult to justify to their citizens a policy of being friendly to Erdogan.

Turks and civilized society

Some Turkish citizens have roots that do not allow them to evolve into a civilized society. Recently, their decisions to turn the Hagia Sophia and the Hora monastery into mosques stem not only from a timeless rage they have to vent against “infidels”, according to the Turkish interpretation of Koranic writ, and certainly not because they lack mosques. They lack their own creations, like those created by other peoples, and especially Greeks.

What the Turks have created cannot be compared to the brilliant works of art of Byzantium, which is why they turn Byzantine monuments into mosques so that their own nakedness is not revealed. Erdogan’s supporters retain the characteristics of the Gray Wolf pack without any apparent evolution. They continue the genocides of peoples on the path paved by Attila. This is their cultural tradition. Crimes. As a nation it has offered only crimes against humanity. Their creations are all fascimiles of the works of others.

In recent years, after many hesitations, they opened the archeological museum to connect their origin with ancient Turks of the area! With stolen creations, mainly ancient Greek, they try to pretend that they are works of their ancestors. In other words, they fabricate monuments, like the “Macedonians” of Skopje, on the backs of foreign cultures. Topkapi Palace, their pride, is reminiscent of a nomadic settlement. This is their creative experience. And how can it be different? They are unable to evolve for the additional reason that their daily “menu” keeps them busy imprisoning and exterminating innocent victims.

The biggest victims of Turkish barbarism are all of their neighboring countries. There is no neighbor with whom they have peaceful relations. Their recent invasion of Syria has turned into a new genocide of Kurds and no one is talking. This is the image that the rest of the world has of Turkey. The genocide of the Pontians, the Armenians and the internal ethnic cleansing has led Turkey to becoming a country with a large population of crypto-religious citizens of all origins. What image can the pack of Gray Wolves convey other than that of a tribe of cannibals.

A large problem

For the West, Turkey’s relations with its neighbors are another major problem for the future of the NATO alliance. For Syria, Turkey is an occupier. Turkey also causes the ire of Israel, due to its cooperation with the worst form of terrorists, who instead of sacrifices for the salvation of their souls, slaughter “infidels” of all origins. For Cyprus, Turkey is a bloodthirsty occupier.

For Greece, a member of NATO and the EU, Turkey is a probable enemy due to its expansionist policy. What would a military confrontation between Turkey and Greece, which a bullying Erdogan seeks every day, harp for NATO’s operational conditions in this region? Does anyone have the impression that Western decision-making centers are not working out solutions to this impasse created by Erdogan? Biden said it clearly. The die has been cast.

Westerners, from their reactions so far, certainly do not want the development of a divorce between the Alliance and Turkey and for one additional reason, that is, that such a divorce will not be smooth and will have very negative side effects in Greece that can arise from the hesitancy of the West to face the anti-Western behavior of Turkey. Because, there is a danger that the West will use Greece as a lever to overthrow Erdogan, at a cost to Greece,  since the West has as an alternative locus of power for Turkey, the imprisoned Turkish people who thirst for liberation.

But such an alternative does not have the advantage of financial sanctions. The smoothest alternative is financial sanctions on a faltering Turkish economy that will wipe out any popular acceptance of Erdogan in Turkey. Unless, he discovers, albeit belatedly, his delusions and makes the necessary about face.

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