Scandalous release of Turkish human trafficker – He also gets a bonus!

Scandalous release of Turkish human trafficker - He also gets a bonus, SLpress
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Following the incident of a Syrian who was a member of ISIS and who was hosted in the structure of Eleonas, a new scandalous case comes to light. This time, in fact, it’s worse, in the sense that it concerns acts of instruments of the Greek State.

According to indisputable facts, a Turkish human trafficker was not only released from prison, having actually served two of the 12 years of imprisonment he was sentenced to, but also enjoys benefits through the trick of applying for asylum! This is the Turkish trafficker O.A. who was arrested in the summer of 2018 when he was transporting illegal immigrants from Turkey to the shores of Chios.

The Turkish trafficker was detained in July 2018 and in the autumn of the same year he was sentenced to 12 years for trafficking illegal immigrants. The sentence he had to serve was eight years, that is, he had to be released in the summer of 2026. However, he was released a few weeks ago by a decision of the Chios Criminal Court! The only obligation imposed on him by the Council of Criminal Courts of Chios is to appear in the first fortnight of each month at a police station for the remaining years of his fictitious final conviction.

It should be noted that the Council was not obliged to accept the request at all. And the fact that it accepted it shows something. We are talking about a Turkish trafficker, a man who professionally exploits refugees and illegal immigrants, not a suffering soul who left his homeland to escape armed conflict, or even starvation.

Tolerant judges!

It seems that some judges in the eastern Aegean are extremely tolerant of the crime of illegal immigration. Indicatively, we mention that in February 2018 the Single-Member Criminal Court of Appeal of the North Aegean imposed relatively small prison sentences but redeemable with 200 euros per month and in 36 installments (after deducting their pre-trial detention time) to Greek traffickers!

You read correctly. This was the case of two businessmen from Chios, who in April 2017 were paid by eight refugees / illegal immigrants for transportion from Chios to Psara. It is indicative that well-known persons from the Local Government, such as the deputy governor of Chios Stamatis Karmantzis, the mayor of Oinousses Stefanos Vogiatzis and the former mayor of Psara Manolis Agapousis, had testified for two local businessmen as defense witnesses!

Application for asylum and allowance

The story of the Turkish “slave trader” does not end here. The sequel is more outrageous. Almost immediately after his arrest in the summer of 2018, he applied for asylum (protocol number —–). That is, while he was still on trial, he asked for international protection in Greece!

Thus, when he was released from prison, he began to enjoy all the benefits enjoyed by his “clients”, ie those who illegally enter Greece and apply for asylum, knowing that until their application is finalized they will enjoy allowance, food, and housing.

The case of  convicted Turk O.A. raises critical questions: Who paid the court costs from the beginning until his release request and for what reason? Is it a Non-Governmental Organization? Who pays for his food and accommodation after his release from prison? Has it been included in the ESTIA program funded by the Greek state?

It is the responsibility of those in charge to give clear answers. We hear, after all, that the “odious” case of the Turkish trafficker O.A. is not unique. “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”, to use the Shakespearean expression.

P.S. Let no one dare to question the report of because we have all the information in our hands and we are not publishing it, because it is personal data.

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