The Greek government is abandoning Cyprus and is silent about the islands, while the main opposition is in another world!

Ω Dr. Themis Tzimas
The Greek government is abandoning Cyprus and is silent about the islands, while the main opposition is in another world, Themis Tzimas

Fortunately, Greece is not isolated internationally in its confrontation with Turkey. Fortunately, the United States, Germany, and Israel are on our side. Thanks to these countries and a big thank you to Mrs. Merkel, as was said this morning (23/09) on SKAI television, the Oruc Reis during a first phase conducted research for only a month on the Greek continental shelf!

Fortunately, for the first time officially and thanks to our high patrons, Greece and Cyprus are officially separated. Former National Security adviser Alexandros Diakopoulos is justified! After the "Cyprus lies far away" of the founder of ND Konstantinos Karamanlis, we now have the "Greece is one thing, and Cyprus is another" of the current president of ND. Fortunately, thanks to our allies, and especially Germany, Cyprus is alone.

Cyprus is isolated in the EU, without sovereign rights in practice, with Turkey in the role of the "good guy" while piercing the seabed in the Cypriot EEZ. However, we are not asking for sanctions against Turkey. We are interested in Russia and Belarus, where, as is well known, the interests of Hellenism are at stake.

Fortunately we are going to a dialogue!

Fortunately, thanks to our alliances and especially with the US, we are discussing with Mr. Pompeo when and how to take our missiles away from our islands. They have been sitting there for a long time and the President of Turkey is upset. Let's leave only the national guard! After all, what else could possibly be needed?

Fortunately, we are also entering into a dialogue with Turkey, on an agenda that concerns everything from Western Thrace to the sovereignty of the Aegean islands, that is, the status of our homeland. We, the citizens of this country, of course, do not need and should not know what the Greek government will say and why it is coming to it, given Turkish intentions.

Because the Turkish ultimatum is “christened” de-escalation, once again. Those most informed read Turkish media, in the hopes of fishing out some information. Fortunately, Tayyip and Emanuel are making up, or at least the ice between them is breaking, thanks to the help and mediation of Germany. More good news for Greece!

SYRIZA is silent

Fortunately, the right is "selling" Cyprus to buy time. Time not in favor of Hellenism. Time in favor of Mrs Merkel and Mr Trump. This is the essence of slavish behavior today. Fortunately, main opposition SYRIZA is silent. One is looking in vain for moves, actions, statements, complaints by SYRIZA about the attitude of Greece in the EU towards Cyprus, against NATO, the USA, and Germany, for the pressures exerted on our country and which are equivalent to demands for the surrender of the islands of the Aegean.

The only thing that the president of SYRIZA asked for is information. Important information of course. But until then, nothing? Does it have nothing to say about this infamous "dialogue", about the exploratory talks with a wide open agenda, about patronage, about dependence, about Cyprus, about the islands? Does SYRIZA really believe that the people will vote it into government because it talks of the size of the masks given to children for the pandemic, the floods, and because it keeps calling the prime minister a "political swindler"?

Does the main opposition think we are not paying attention to the fact that its foreign policy team has had one, a single, meeting with the country's real prime minister, US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt? Submissiveness , or servitude, to foreigners has deep roots in our country and a very large "wallet". Thus, amid celebrations for the various "triumphs", it brings Greece closer to disaster.

Η δημοσιογραφία για να είναι αδέσμευτη-ανεξάρτητη πρέπει να χρηματοδοτείται κυρίως από τους αναγνώστες. Πρόκειται για κανόνα αποδεδειγμένης ισχύος. Εάν πιστεύετε ότι το προσφέρει κάτι ξεχωριστό, ότι αξίζει να επιβιώσει και να βελτιωθεί, ΕΝΙΣΧΥΣΤΕ το.
  • Οι απόψεις που αναφέρονται στο κείμενο είναι προσωπικές του αρθρογράφου και δεν εκφράζουν απαραίτητα τη θέση του
  • Απαγορεύεται η αναδημοσίευση του άρθρου από άλλες ιστοσελίδες χωρίς άδεια του Επιτρέπεται η αναδημοσίευση των 2-3 πρώτων παραγράφων με την προσθήκη ενεργού link για την ανάγνωση της συνέχειας στο Οι παραβάτες θα αντιμετωπίσουν νομικά μέτρα.